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Whitchurch Toll Bridge, which is owned by The Company of Proprietors of Whitchurch Bridge, is under reconstruction. The river is open for boat users, but closed to road traffic until September 2014. The main contractor is Balfour Beatty. There is a temporary footbridge for pedestrians, invalid buggies and pushed (not ridden) bicycles and small motorbikes. If you have a question please use our message board.  

Information (updated 15th July 2014)

This website is the main source of information about the reconstruction of Whitchurch Bridge.  You can also follow us on Twitter.  Balfour Beatty are also mail-dropping a monthly Newsletter to local residents - the latest edition, July, is here.  If you would like to receive newsletters by email please email us. 

A time-lapse photographic record of the works for the last month is here.  Nick Brazil's videos are here.

Latest News about the Bridge Reconstruction Works (updated 18h July 2014)

Details of the works programme are here, current and next jobs on site are:

  • Complete installation of new fenders

  • Demobilse the big blue crane

  • Installation of side girder fixings, service ducts and bar reinforcement in the deck edge area

  • Edge concrete pours

  • Remove temporay supports to side girders when concrete has gained strength

  • Complete abutment works