The Company of Proprietors of Whitchurch Bridge
Whitchurch Bridge is owned and operated by the Company of Proprietors of Whitchurch Bridge (commonly known as the Whitchurch Bridge Company), which is a private Company established by the Whitchurch Bridge Act 1792 and the Whitchurch Bridge Act 1988.

The Company is registered in England and Wales No: ZC000184.

The Registered Office is The Toll House, Whitchurch Bridge, Pangbourne, Reading, RG8 7DF.

The Company Secretary is G R Weir BSc CEng MIMechE.

You may contact us by writing to the Registered Office or by email

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VAT (updated 30th January 2015)

In October 2012 there was a High Court hearing into the Company's claim that HM Treasury is obliged by law to refund VAT paid by the Company on goods and services provided to it.  The Company lost this claim: the full Judgement is here.  The Judgement (para 13) re-affirmed the status of the Company as a public body and thus does not have to charge output VAT on its Tolls, and (para 31) acknowledged the fact that Bridge users will have to pay higher Tolls because of the economic burden of input VAT. 

After careful consideration of the Judgement the Company submitted an Appeal.  This was rejected at a hearing at the High Court on 3rd December 2013: a further written Appeal has also been rejected and the Company has now decided not to pursue this legal action.