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Whitchurch Toll Bridge, which is owned by The Company of Proprietors of Whitchurch Bridge, is under reconstruction and closed to road traffic until September 2014. The main contractor is Balfour Beatty. There is a temporary footbridge for pedestrians and invalid buggies etc. also for pushed (not ridden) bicycles and small motorbikes.   If you have a question please use our message board


Information (updated 22nd April 2014)

This website is the main source of information about the reconstruction of Whitchurch Bridge.  You can also follow us on  Twitter.  Balfour Beatty recently mail-dropped a Newsletter to local residents: there will be future newsletters at monthly intervals which will include details of work completed in the previous month, work planned for the next month, and any update on the planned re-opening date. Balfour Beatty are also planning a 1-day public exhibition at The Dolphin Centre in Pangbourne on Thursday 8th May with members of the project team on hand to explain the reconstruction works and discuss questions on a one-to-one basis. There will be more details about this event later.

A time-lapse photographic record of the works for the last month is here. Pictures for Monday 24th - Friday 28th March are missing because of a technical fault.

Latest News about the Bridge Reconstruction Works (updated 22nd April 2014)

Details of the works programme are here, next jobs are:

  • Repairs and refurbismmet of side girders at Coastground Ltd of Great Yarmouth. This work continued over all 4 days of Easter as this work is on the critical path.

  • Remove some fender elements to open up space for the piling rig

  • In situ cold stich repairs to top plates of all 6 pier capitals by Metalock Ltd of Coventry.

  • In situ refurbishment and repainting of all 6 pier capitals by Coastground Ltd of Great Yarmouth

  • Delivery and mobilisation of piling rig in compound, planned for w/c Monday 28th April.

  • Installation of 3 new piles for new southern abutment by Foundation Piling Ltd of Chesham

  • Installation of spill trays on main pile casings

River Users (updated 11th April 2014)

The river is open for navigation past Whitchurch Bridge.  However, the river will be closed to all boat traffic from 0700 hrs Tuesday 6th May - 0700 hrs Thursday 8th May, and from 0700 hrs Tuesday 13th May - 0700 hrs Thursday 15th May.  Please see this Envoronment Agency Harbourmaster's Notice for more details.