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Whitchurch Toll Bridge, which is owned by The Company of Proprietors of Whitchurch Bridge, is now open for all traffic.  If you have a question please use our message board.

Toll Application (updated 21st November 2014)
We have now submitted our Toll Application to the Secretary of State for Transport, seeking an increase in the Class 1 Toll from 40p to 60p.  The legal documents referred to in our Toll Application are:
Transport Charges Etc (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1954
Whitchurch Bridge Act 1792
Whitchurch Bridge Act 1988

We regret that it is necessary to increase our Tolls - please read our Toll Application to understand why. There will be a 42-day period of public consultation during which any person having a substantial interest may object by writing to the Secretary of State - this started on Friday 21st November 2014 with this Public Notice in the Henley Standard, Newbury News and Get Reading.  The Tolls will not change until our Toll Application is comsidered and approved by the Secretary of State for Transport taking account of the public consultation.

John Howell MP has written to the Minister responsible for flooding issues seeking financial support to mitigate the effects of the flooding on the cost of the reconstruction works - the letter is here.

Pangbourne River Meadow
As agreed with Pangbourne Parish Council the area which was used for the contractor's compound will remain fenced off until the new grass seed, to be sown by the contractor in early Spring 2015, has established. This may take until mid summer 2015 depending on weather conditions.  An access track has been provided to the landing stage.  

Lamp posts on the Pangbourne Approach Road (updated 3rd December 2014)
We have let a contract for the replacement of our two lamp posts on the Pangbourne approach road because they are corroded around their bases. This only become apparent following an impact on one just before the Bridge reopened. The new lamp posts will be of similar style to the existing but about 60 cm shorter than now, so the lanterns will be shielded less by the trees.  There will be temporary traffic lights during the installation work, which will need to be arranged with West Berkshire Council and carried out betwen the rush hours. This will probably be in February 2015 - we will announce the date as soon as we can.