The Bridge

Whitchurch Bridge (updated 25th April 2015)

Whitchurch Bridge carries the B471 over the River Thames between Pangbourne in West Berkshire, and Whitchurch-on-Thames in Oxfordshire. It lies within the civil parish of Whitchurch-on-Thames, which in turn lies within the district of South Oxfordshire and the county of Oxfordshire.

Whitchurch Bridge lies within the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the Whitchurch-on-Thames Conservation Area, and is a Grade II listed structure for planning purposes. The local Planning authority is South Oxfordshire District Council (SODC).

The Bridge is subject to an environmental weight limit of 7.5 tonnes mgw, as is the B471 through Whitchurch-on-Thames. Access to the Bridge is restricted by a low railway over-Bridge (11 feet headroom) on the Pangbourne (south) approach, and limiting road widths and a steep hill in Whitchurch-on-Thames.

The Bridge was closed for reconstruction in October 2013 and reopened on 19th September 2014 – details here. Details of the old Bridge are on the History page.

Pangbourne Approach Road (updated 27th February 2016)

Our engineering consultants Peter Brett Associates of Reading have started work on the development of a scheme to widen the footway and roadway on the Pangbourne approach road. The first stage will be a “scoping study” – this will build on the work undertaken in 2011- 2012 which involved informal consultations with Pangbourne Parish Council, Whitchurch-on-Thames Parish Council and West Berkshire Council (as local Planning Authority). The conclusion at that time was that the highway should be widened on the Dolphin Centre side and that the footway should remain on the Boathouse Surgery side.

The new scoping study will look at issues and constraints such as topography, hydrology, environment and heritage. Options will be identified for further development and as a basis for further local consultation.

It should be noted that the Company owns the highway only between the railings from the Surgery entrance to the Bridge: the land outside the railings is owned by others and a transfer of ownership would need to be agreed if the highway is to be widened.

Crossing Point by the Toll Booth (updated 7th March 2016)

The Company has discussed the design of the speed hump next to the Toll Booth with Whitchurch-on-Thames Parish Council’s Traffic and Pavements Advisory Group (TAPAG): TAPAG have asked for it to be made easier to use as a crossing point. The Company has now asked Peter Brett Associate to develop a scheme to redesign the speed bump, and will consult with TAPAG on the details proposed.